D’CARE Scalp Active Shampoo
500g Pump Type
“Patented professional shampoo
that works on hair and scalp at the same time.”
It is a functional hair loss prevention shampoo exclusively for scalp which helps to reduce hair loss symptoms by intensively providing nutrition to the scalp and hair roots at it is made of 4 kinds of prescriptions including patented ingredients, highly nutritional ingredients and active ingredients for hair loss alleviation that D’CARE has carefully selected.
DR.SCALP’s professional know-how for scalp care keeps your scalp and hair healthy and resilient at the same time and moisturizing and conditioning effects help make hair healthy and shiny.
Functional cosmetics for improvement of hair loss
| pH 5.5 | Contains patented ingredients |
Improves the symptoms of hair loss
Improves the cause of hair loss
Protects the hair papilla cells
Improves blood circulation of the scalp
Removes dandruff & sebum
Moisturizes scalp
Hair shine and nutrition
Increases hair thickness
Weakly acidic with pH5.5
No harmful ingredient
Natural oils


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